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Adult Ages 4 and over
Child 3 and under

Enjoy a Sunset Tour of Puerto Rico’s Famous Bioluminescent Bay!

Enjoy a sunset swim at a beautiful cay before you head out to the bio bay. The water at the cays in Parguera is transparent and warm for the perfect sunset swim. Bioluminescent kayaking Puerto Rico offers the magical experience of nature’s light show, millions of tiny microscopic plankton sparkle in the water as you paddle through the bay. Join us for a sunset swim and a bioluminescent bay kayak tour in Puerto Rico, and discover one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. You’ll never forget this night of adventure and beauty.

Parguera Water Sports has developed this new service in order to keep families together while complying with physical distancing norms. This charter is managed solely by the captain. No additional crew on board.